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Knockturn Alley - Voldemort is back and gaining strength and he wants revenge - on Harry Potter.

You play as Harry after being pulled into Knockturn Alley by a trick-Portkey. Now you must escape in the quickest time possible. The quicker you are, the more bonus points you will receive. S fires your wand and the arrow keys control your movement. Remember, you can walk on roofs and platforms.

Create a Hogwarts Student - Design your own Hogwarts student! Select eyes, hair, hat, robes, pet, skin color and lots of other physical attributes.

BroomstiX - Fly downhill on your broom and collect power-ups to do cool tricks in mid-air! Compare your best score with others on the new "high-scores" board!

BroomstiX (practice version) - The original BroomstiX game is difficult until you get the hang of it, so practice playing with this easier version and move up when you're ready.

Triwizard Tournament - The Second Task (Hard) - Dodge the grindylows, defeat the giant squid and rescue the hostages....but don't run out of air!

Triwizard Tournament - The Second Task (Easy) - This is the easy version of the game above.

Quidditch Keeper - Keeper Oliver Wood has fallen off his broom in the middle of a Quidditch match against Slytherin! It's up to you, Harry, to defend the goal posts.

The Lost Galleons - It is the day before Ron's birthday & Harry (you) was about to buy him his present when Peeves the poltergeist stole Harry's fortune and scattered it around the stone passages of Hogwarts. You must get your money back so you can buy a present for Ron! (This game is kind of like Pac-Man.)

The Great Escape - Can you escape from the Dursleys without crashing your Firebolt and attracting Muggle attention? (A word to the wise: Don't give up after you lose right away. It's not hard to beat once you figure out that there is a pattern.)

Quidditch Pong - Pong... Quidditch style!

Skrewt Alert! - The skrewts escaped from Hagrid's hut and are terrorizing Hogwarts. Get rid of them and put an end to the mayhem being caused! (This game is like the classic game Break-Out.)

Grab the Golden Egg - The first task of the Triwizard Tournament. Use your still to grab the golden egg from the dragon.

Underwater Wizardry - The second task of the tournament where you have to swim through Merpeople.

Enchanted Maze - The final challenge of the Triwizard Tournament, get through the maze and you win.

Beater Practice - Practice being a Beater.

Beater Tryouts - Try out for being a Beater.

Chaser Practice - Practice your Chaser skills.

Chaser Tryouts - Try out for being a Chaser.

Keeper Practice - Practice being a Keeper.

Keeper Tryouts - Try out for being a Keeper.

Seeker Practice - Practice catching the Snitch.

Seeker Tryouts - Try out for being a Seeker.

Homing Hippogriffs - Help Hagrid out in his Care of Magical Creatures Class.

Scene It? Game - An online demo of the Harry Potter Scene It? Game.

Escape from the Dursleys - Steer Mr. Weasley's Ford Anglia over the streets of London safely on your way to The Burrow.

Weasley Kitchen Game - Fool around in the ultimate wizard kitchen and clean up after the Weasleys!

Patronus Game - Test your own memory in this game and see if you can cast a Patronus.

The Leaf Game - In the movie, Hermione is distrustful of Professor Trelawney's grim predictions. Here's your change for you to ensure that someone gets an unbelievable prediction of their own - Will they believe it?

Herbology Game - Practice cultivating your very own Mandrake!

Staircase Game - Practice making it up to your dormiotory through the ever-changing staircases, but hurry! It's the middle of the night so don't get in trouble.

Ghouls in the Attic - There's a ghoul in the attic beating on the pipes. Challenge him and make some noise of your own.